Monday, 21 September 2009

Important API Updates: Dev Portal moved; Azure tear-down ready for beta API

Dear API Developer

There are some important updates to the Tesco API and the developer portal that have occurred today, and there is action you must take to keep your client application running against the community technical preview edition of the API.

Developer Portal Moved
The API developer portal, where you manage your developer & application keys, and consult the online API documentation has moved to its new home at where your developer account and keys are now stored.

The developer portal is now at:

(You can also type in whereupon you will be auto redirected to the secure web address).

The developer portal at is now shut down and soon all of will be completely shut down as applications are transferred to the domain.

Don’t use Azure from now until Beta API is ready
We’re going through the process of re-equipping our space on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform ready for the new beta API. On Wednesday 23rd September the community technical preview API hosted there will be torn down so we can start uploading the daily beta builds to the Azure space. If you followed the online documentation to move the endpoint from or to the domain, now you will have to move it back to Sorry!

The community technical preview API will still run at: where it will live until the final customer has been moved over to the Martini platform in the coming next few weeks.

Beta API dev progressing
Finally we are ploughing through the API development that will run the service on top of the new Martini platform. More news as we progress coming soon!

All the best
Nick Lansley
Head of R&D

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