Friday, 30 October 2009

Tesco Finder v1.01 now live

Just to let you know that our Tesco Finder application is now live in the iTunes App Store as a free update. I have detailed its new functions in a previous blog entry but to summarise:

1) Vastly improved search 'relevancy' capability,
2) Shows guide prices and offers (complete with expiry date), and
3) Restores Town/City Search facility.

You can download the update using iTunes on your computer or App Store on your iPhone / iPod Touch.



  1. Hi there. I'd really love to lie in bed and order my shopping when I'm ill from my phone... as I can do with the Ocado App which is brilliant. Only prob is that I would prefer to shop at Tesco. Are Tesco planning an App that allows you to order online through the App and allow deliveries to your door. Check out the Ocado app to see how great it would be if Tesco could do the same! Please write one that does this!

  2. Thanks for the great update, everything seems to be working fine now!

    If it's not too early for suggestions for "the next update", how about a reverse look-up, where I can select a product and the app will tell me which is the nearest store that normally carries it?

  3. Hi Anonymous

    Tesco Grocery Shopping app for iPhone on its way.

    Hi Neil,

    Yes a great idea - it's on the list (if not for the very next update!).


  4. Any chance of an Android version? If you invest in the platform now I'm sure you'll benefit when the boom of Android phones hit next year.

  5. I find this app really useful and save hours of searching for either the product or dragging staff round the shop - but wonder if it is possible to have a function to send shopping list with aisle details etc to another person who is doing the shopping? Also will they be bringing out function that can keep a rough tally of total?? great app tho love it.


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