Friday, 13 August 2010

Nokia app feedback (and time for a commercial break)

Well now it's been quite a week.

The Tesco Groceries app for Nokia appeared on the OVI store and now we have several thousand customers enjoying shopping on their mobile.

What's really nice is that they are using the app as we hoped - most are adding to basket "little and often" throughout this last week, according to the evidence from our anonymised internal log files.

Nokia are so delighted that they've added us to a 30-second TV commercial promoting apps on the OVI store. They've sent me the complete TV commercial schedule but the best thing to do is look out for it at the following dates and times in August (ITV1 region and exact time the commercial is actually transmitted):
  • Fri 13 (tonight) at 8:58pm after Coronation Street in London (only).
  • Sat 14 during Magic Numbers on ITV1 (8:50pm London, 8:45pm MidWest and Scotland, 8:15pm North and SouthWest).
  • Sat 14 during The Simpsons on Sky1 at 8:10pm
  • Sunday 15 during Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Channel 4 at 10:15pm (nationwide).
  • Sat 21 during X-Factor on ITV1 (8:45pm London, 7:45pm SouthEast, MidWest and Scotland, 8:30pm North). Yes.... X-Factor is starting up again.. must be nearly Christmas....!
The commercial is also showing on ITV2, Living, MTV and E4 here-and-there until the end of August.

Our PR agency Komodo PR has done a great job getting the word out in to the right corners so well done to Adrian and his crack team of wordsmiths, and of course our own Jessica in Marketing too. (Yes I know: the 2,500 of you who follow this blog have been in the loop all along).

I'm taking a few days out to go mountain-biking in the South Downs and hurling myself into the waters around Pevensey Bay in East Sussex. The hubby and I have just bought a caravan off eBay and we're taking it down to the seaside - in the past, guest houses have become upset about two muddy blokes with their two muddy bikes and a happy but super-muddy dog - a second-hand caravan is the perfect solution.

I don't care if it rains - the joy of being splashed and muddy will be a nice break from the tech... for a short time anyway. Besides, if I need a quick fix it's a short trip to Brighton and to Ribot HQ to say hi to the people there polishing up our forthcoming iPhone grocery app.

Here are links to mentions of the app we have spotted (thanks to Komodo for this list):

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