Wednesday, 25 June 2014


This is the final post from the techfortesco blog. Ah... but wait don't worry, this is only because we are moving to our brand new fabulous website to support our brand new Tesco Innovation Group which is called... Tesco Labs!

So for the Tesco Finest* insight into helping you experience the future, and to subscribe to our fabulous new blog, head to:

and we'll see you there. As for this techfortesco blog, it will remain here as a valuable archive of past innovation from the former Innovation Team, now at the heart of Tesco Labs. Follow the new Twitter feed from us at @tescolabs

So from the Techfortesco blog it's thank you and goodbye.


Postscript: If you're a fan of RSS then why not subscribe to the new Tesco Labs blog feed?



  1. Any plans for an rss feed on the new site? My rss reader cannot find one on it yet :(

  2. HI - the RSS feed is at:


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