Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Let it snow! News on Tesco Finder, Beta 1 API lockdown and HQ festive decor.

So now it's snowing outside HQ and suddenly I feel Christmassy. It adds to the warm glow that we've now exceeded 50,000 downloads of Tesco Finder for iPhone and the daily download count averages 600. Not bad for an R&D app.

The great news is that we're finalising a greatly updated version that allows you to shop for products in-store without the need for a live internet connection given that some of our stores seem to be very good at shielding customers from mobile phone signals. Yes, and we're just finalising some contractual negotiations with a maker of "red lasers".

The Grocery API (Beta 1) has now been locked down. That means that the API will now not change its behaviour or syntax, allowing developers to write client applications with the confidence that we we won't do anything to the API that breaks their application. More news in the Innovation Forum at .

Here are a couple of photos of the excellent attempts fest up HQ for the season (click pics for bigger size):

Finally I have some fantastic news about a new and utterly innovative application that we are launching shortly. Unfortunately I can't say a thing about it until it appears. However the blog entry is written, and the press releases are standing by. Don't go away!


  1. looking forward to the new apps, hoping the secret one is a augmented reality clubcard points finder!

    Now if you could just get the main shopping site to work correctly with Firefox that would be great :-)

  2. Tesco Finder app on iPhone does look pretty good.

    One request though, can it show the opening times for a store, when viewing store details?


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