Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Seasons Greetings and thank you

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family Yuletide Greetings.

I also wish to thank you for helping make this blog a success; I'm glad that you're interested in what we're doing here at Thank you to the many of you who email me with your feedback, thoughts and ideas. I do try to answer as many as I can but my inbox often adds as many as 200 new emails a day (& that's after the spam filter!) and often I can't reply to everyone. It doesn't stop me reading and appreciating every message - some of which I pass on to colleagues for their consideration where appropriate.

I would like to personally thank my colleague Angela Maurer, who is Senior Marketing Manager at and someone I regard as the customer's champion when it comes to innovation. Angela and her team are an inspiration who have really driven innovation forward on behalf of the customer, and its a continuing pleasure to work with them all to provide the R&D technology prototypes to bring their ideas to life. It's hard work what with 'unknowns' that have to get 'known', but enormous fun!

I would also like to thank the Leadership team who are enormously supportive with my work. They've been on quite a journey themselves as Angela and I have guided them into the world of API (Application Programming Interface) and iPhone development, as well as our ground-breaking TJAM event. I think I speak for Angela as well as myself when I say that they have had to trust us to do this work despite the risks of this happening often in a public arena when outcomes other than success are possible! That they let us do this in the name of the Tesco brand is, as you can imagine, nothing short of an honour.

There's plenty more good stuff coming; some of which I am as sworn to secrecy about as I was about the iPhone coming to Tesco Mobile! All I can say is that 2010 is going to be quite a year so have a good break and we'll continue our innovation journey in a few days.


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