Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Apple use Tesco Finder in their iPhone advertising campaign

I've just received the artwork for the latest Apple iPhone campaign, and so I can reveal that recently Apple contacted us to ask if they could feature our R&D iPhone app Tesco Finder in their latest poster / newspaper advertisement (see above - closeup of Tesco Finder entry below).

I said, "Yes".

Actually, being ever the consummate professional, I may have toned my response down for your benefit. In reality it was more, "YES PLEASE OMG THANK YOU!!!", knowing me.

Thanks Apple :)


  1. "Check if they have your item in stock"
    Eh not it doesn't! Checking if the store stocks a line isn't the same as checking if it is actually on the shelf.

  2. Hi Nick,

    Just got to your R&D blog, thanks to seeing this very ad at the back of the papers today.

    Well done on getting it featured. Reading below your download count, I'm sure it will rocket now!

    You have a few blog entries and I was wondering which is the most appropriate for my comment. But I'll leave it here...

    When can we have Tesco apps for ANDROID?!

    Your Tesco shopping app is exactly what I have been looking for, for ages, especially when I am wondering down the aisles helplessly trying to find this or that.

    Seeing that you are working on Nokia and blackberry version, please do not forget about the growing new kid on the block :)


    PS: Shame that the apps are not promoted on clubcard statements. The publicity would be tremendous.


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