Friday, 26 February 2010

Living with Google Nexus One / Going to Microsoft MIX?

I'm taking a long weekend out to visit Dublin (it's my (Irish-born) hubby's 50th birthday, bless him!) and, as I already have an O2-Ireland SIM card, I'm going to 'live' my communications using the Google Nexus One, and I'll see how I get on with it being my only internet connection whilst I'm away, just as I did with the iPhone when in Berlin a few weeks ago. I'll let you know how I get on next week.

Are you going to Microsoft MIX conference in Las Vegas next month? I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the impressive (on paper anyway) Windows Mobile 7 platform with a view to including it in our list of supported mobile operating systems (alongside 6.x) in our mobile strategy by learning about it there. I'm hoping to 'live' my communications using a Windows Mobile phone when in the USA in March so it will be interesting to compare my enforced comms experiences with iPhone / Nexus One (Android) / Windows Mobile if this works out (I'll buy a local USA SIM card with lots of data to make the compasrison fair).

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  1. so what did you make of it? it is a good phone but I dunno. i found i used the nexus less in general.


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