Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Speaking at Retail Week 2011 conference, 17th March, London

I will be speaking at the Retail Week Conference 2011 which takes place in London on 16-17th March at the Hilton Metropole hotel and conference centre.

Over 800 delegates are expected to attend so I hope to meet several of you techfortesco readers there. Don't hesitate to make yourself known to me - indeed why not let me know beforehand and perhaps we can organise a get-together during the conference.

I am on stage at 11:20am - 12:00 on 17th March presenting during Stream C: Technology Think Tank where I'll be taking delegates on a deep dive into our attitudes and focus on customer insight & evidence that has brought success to our mobile e-commerce strategy through a holistic approach. If you find that intriguing, will you leave my presentation as a Hunter, Gatherer, or Groundhog?!

For more details of my fellow speakers, including Tesco UK CEO Designate Richard Brasher, and Tesco UK Marketing Director Carolyn Bradley, follow this link.

I'll also be around that evening for the Retail Week Awards ceremony where we have submitted our entry to be included in the category Multi-Channel Retailer - so fingers crossed!

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