Monday, 28 February 2011

Tesco receipt-based Price Check - live!

You must go and have a look at our excellent new Tesco Price Check web application. We are introducing Price Check so customers will have no doubt that we offer the best value.

Price Check gives customers the ability to check the price of individual products and the total price of their shopping and, in the unlikely event that we are not cheaper than Asda, we will refund 'double the difference'.

The system works by looking up your receipt details and checks that we are the cheapest compared to Asda. If we aren't then you get double the difference back as refund.

Go and save some money now (if we aren't already cheaper!): Take a Tesco paper receipt (whether instore or online) and head to this web address:


  1. Nick - one thing you can do better on this is not having to enter receipt details. The ASDA one just requires you to login (if you've shopped online) and it retrieves your details...

  2. One tiny suggestion, when typing in all the little details, is it possible for it to go between fields automatically? So I can just type 270211 not 27 [tab] 02 [tab] 11?

    Sad thing is I know what all those numbers on the bottom of the receipt actually mean.

  3. Something my wife noticed though Nick, Tesco raised the prices of some of our staple groceries over the last two weeks of February, only to drop them back to the early February prices just in time for the launch of this tool: "prices as at 2 March 2011".
    May seem this comment breaches rule 2 above, but it is contextual.
    Great tool though, nice bit of coding!

  4. Hi inksmithy

    Well it's good to know that we are focussing on having the best prices compared to the competition - after all I'm a Tesco customer too!

  5. The competition provides an answer as to whether Tesco are cheaper there and then - no need to wait up to 36 hours for a response as to whether they would be cheaper or not.

    Could I ask what the 'tech' reason for Tesco not implementing this is - do you have a team of mystery shoppers trapsing around the other supermarket gathering prices!?!

  6. Duds can you tell us what all those numbers on the bottom of the receipt actually mean? Thanks

  7. Since the price checker was launched I have had three deliveries from tesco and each time I have went onto the price checker to enter my details. Each time it says it does not recognise them so I emailed customer services. The first time I got a nice message apologising which was fine, the second time I emailed was only for your programmers information in case there was an issue with NI postcodes and I got a bit of a rude email back, with today's delivery I haven't bothered reporting that it didn't work to customer services because it doesn't seem to be an issue for them. Sorry for the long message but I thought as Techfortesco you might be interested in a bug in the system. BTW I'm not expecting this to go up on the blog it's just my way of keeping you informed.

  8. I have entered the details from several receipts into the price checker and each time I get a message saying that the results will be with me within 36 hours, yet I never hear anything more. I have emailed customer services yet had no response.

    1. I have had the same response this has been going on now for about three weeks


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