Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wow! Nominated for Greatest Contribution to New Media!

You know, just when you think that work couldn't get any more, well frankly exciting - along comes something that blows me away completely,

New Media Age have just nominated me, along with five other worthy individuals, for their "Greatest Individual Contribution to New Media" category at this year’s NMA Effectiveness Awards 2011.

According to NMA's announcement, "Nick Lansley, head of research and development on, is nominated for helping to push mobile to the core of the retail giant’s offering".

Now I must point out to you - as I have pointed out to NMA - that a core group of people have walked along besides - and in front of - me in "helping to push mobile". However NMA pointed out that only one name could go in for each nomination, and that the name concerned represented that group in public as far as they are concerned.

So, dear reader, if you think that our merry group of mobile creatives here at deserve recognition fot all the hard work making mobile 'real' for customers, then what you need to do is text "NMA2" to 82100 before 5.30pm on 6 May.  Messages will be charged at your standard network tariff.

What's that? You want to see all the nominees before you make your decision? Well of course: Click this link and you can see the shortlist, along with the "NMA number" to text if you prefer them...! By the way don't be put off by the rather smug look on my face in the photo shown on that page - that was taken for a completely different reason - instead imagine me with a surprised/delighted look instead!

Best of luck to all nominees - and, on behalf of our merry mobile team at, thank you NMA for nominating us for the 'greatest contribution' category. That is praise in itself.


  1. Congratulations - except it's a bit ironic, seeing as you /still/ don't have a app for the biggest mobile OS in the world.

    It would be like having a main website that didn't work on Windows.

  2. Well done! As a Tesco customer I'd like to send that text. However, as an Android user, I'm feeling too grumpy to :(

  3. Congratulations Nick, Justin, nma

  4. Congrats Nick! Well deserved.

  5. Don't worry David and Anonymous, back in early Feburary ( Nick promised the Android app was coming very soon and we'd only have to wait "a few more weeks". Since it is now 3 months later I'm sure that its release must be imminent... right?


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