Wednesday, 26 November 2008

'Where's My Delivery?" beta now extended to 20 stores.

Recently I discussed the launch of the SMS service we have started in beta mode where customers can find out by text exactly when their delivery is arriving.

Well I am happy to say that we have now extended the service to 20 stores around the country. The branches are listed below, so if you have your groceries delivered by one of these stores you are welcome to join the beta test (the branch name is shown on your last home shopping delivery receipt):

  • HULL

If your grocery delivery store is in the above list, text the word GROCERY to 81550 (and await a confirmation message). That's it! You'll receive a free text message every time a delivery is on its way from then onwards.

If you wish to stop the service, text the word STOP to 81550, and (after a confirmation text) the text messages will stop.

Please note:

  • SMS texts sent to 81550 cost 10p.
  • If you have a 'text bundle' as part of your mobile phone contract, any texts you send to 81550 will not come from your bundle, so will be charged as an extra outside your monthly inclusive contract cost.
  • Any texts you receive from us from this service are free to you, since we're picking up the bill. However if you pay to receive texts when abroad, you will be paying to receive this text too. We advise that you send STOP to 81550 before you leave the country.
  • The number you use to send the GROCERY text must be the same as one of the numbers in your grocery account, or we cannot match them. Quite a few people can now send and receive texts from their home landline. That's fine - just make sure it is one of the numbers in your account.
  • You will go on receiving texts for future deliveries until you send STOP to 81550.
  • May not work on mobile phones with non-UK numbers. However if you change your online account's mobile number entry to include the country code as a prefix then it should work. So in Ireland you would lose the first zero and replace it with '353'. If you have a UK number, though, leave it as-is with a zero prefix.
  • If your store is not in the list, you will get a confirmation message when you send GROCERY to 81550 but you will not receive any delivery texts.
  • There are occasions when you will not receive a text even though a delivery is on its way. There can be a number of technical or data reasons for this, which we are working through at the moment (thus the 'beta' tag!). For example, the odd occasion when a vehicle does not pass our internal checks before it leaves the store, and your groceries are transferred onto another van at the last minute.

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