Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tesco API Forum now open

The Tesco API Forum is now up and running, designed for developers who are using - or thinking of using - the Tesco API for development work.

If you're wanting to get help and support for using the Tesco API, this is the best place to go. I'll be logged into the forum on a regular basis so I can answer questions (and dodge the brickbats as necessary).

Everyone is welcome although you'll need to register to access the service. Don't forget to read those terms and conditions for using the forum before you register. Don't worry, I try to make them interesting. The main point to digest is to keep the conversations about the Tesco API, programming and design, and TJAM; not about the wider subject of Tesco in general.

I will publish a regular digest of topics and conversations (positive and negative) from the forum in this blog so if you are not a developer you can still pick up a sense of the 'journey' we are taking with the API from here.

The forum software is SMF with a MySQL 5 back-end database, and uses a skin design called 'Anecdota' by Crip.

The forum web address is:

See you there.


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  2. Good to hear Nick! Can't wait to start looking into it.


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