Thursday, 30 July 2009

TJAM Daytime Event

You probably have a fair idea of what is happening at TJAM's evening developer's event.

However I've sorely underplayed the importance of the daytime event which will host grocery customers, plus 'creatives': people who can visualise a future idea, concept or even fully formed application in their minds.

It's the output from the daytime event - plus excellent insight from some recent ethnographic research we commissioned about customer grocery home shopping behaviour - that will feed into the evening. So if you've only heard about TJAM Evening until now, don't worry - you'll miss nothing. We won't have people coming to both events. In any case there is a maximum of about 70 people for the daytime event, all carefully vetted to ensure they match the customer mix who use our website.
EMC Consulting's Paul Dawson is working with our marketing team and a great creative innovation agency called Happen to make the daytime ... well... happen. Paul describes the TJAM daytime in this blog entry so have a read and see the source 'energy' that will create the materials that evening developers will absorb from 7pm.

I'll be there in the daytime helping to present, and spend time practising my live coding demo ready for the evening. Trying to write compilable C#/Java and make it work first time as 150 of my peer-group watch? Yes that's pressure. Think I'll stay off the provided free beer until 9pm.

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