Friday, 22 January 2010

20% of customers now moved to new grocery platform.

Now that Christmas and New Year is out of the way, our infrastructure team has started the work of moving all our customers across from the old 'BOB' grocery platform to the sparkling new 'Project Martini' service.

The team just informed me that they've reached the 20% mark - which means that as a customer you now have a 1-in-5 chance of being on the new service today. You can tell if you've been upgraded, because you'll see the new home page as shown above when you next login to

Don't worry if you haven't been upgraded yet; the aim is to have moved everyone over by the end of February - we're just taking it step-by-step at the average rate of 3% a working day as we build up load on the new service. We're using random factors in the decision-making being used as to which accounts are upgraded in each daily batch so there is no clue as to when your account will be actually transferred - and no unfairness just because your surname starts with an X, Y or Z...!

In any case none of this will interfere with your ability to shop for groceries, and no orders or deliveries are harmed in the transfer process.

As for the 20% of you who are now on the sparkling new grocery service: Enjoy!


  1. I'm obviously in the first batch and must say that I am very pleased. Some good usability work has been done. Thanks!

  2. Nick congratulations - must say we at EMC Consulting (formerly Conchango) are delighted - we've been waiting to see our ucd work roll out!

  3. I have switched over, awesome... cannot wait until everyone is running on the new system and we start to see some great apps roll out using the api.

  4. Sorry but for me there are major problems with the new grocery website, it runs painfully slow, won't accept my payment card, insists that I put in an issue number when I don't actually have one (Visa Debit Card) this error is at Tesco's end.
    Some of my friends that also used to shop regularly advised that when they try and checkout, they get the error message cannot create order? There also seems to be problems with the favourites tab.
    When I got transferred on to the new website, I was ordering as usual, adding goods into my virtual basket, I went to the checkout only for it to loop back continuously, called up the customer service number, as I wasn't sure what was wrong? As helpful as the staff were, I was told that I had to name my basket? Hello, but I have my account setup to deliver to my home address, by default, the basket is named "New Basket" I had to re-name this, and guess what, I loosed everything and had to start afresh, I wasn't to chuffed to say the least, NOWHERE, does it state on the website that you have to name your basket.

    I do hope Tesco sort this out as they will lose an awful lot of customers.

    Don't just take my word for it, there are many people blogging on it as we speak.

  5. "Sorry, we cannot find the page you are looking for.
    Please try again or to go to the Tesco Groceries homepage."

    Love the new checkout, so do your customers!

  6. If you're having technical problems on your new website, shouldn't customers be informed of this as they get logged in? I have just wasted 2.5hrs of my time amending a huge order, I originally only had a few items in my basket, I have now found out I can't amend my order.......great work Tesco!

  7. I am very dissapointed with the new site as i cant checkout as my solo card issue number is not correct???

    My solo card doesnt have an issue number, please sort it out nick as i am now having to shop with sainsburys.

  8. Hey.

    I've spent the last couple of hours trying to order from I've had problem after problem. Pages not loading and my basket being wiped just some of the issues I had but now having finally reached the checkout, typed in all my details the site is telling me my issue number on my card is wrong.

    Quite simply the website is wrong. It is most definitely the correct issue number.

    There is a link at the top below the error however clicking it does absolutely nothing, not a single piece of help or advice on what to do or why this error has occurred.

    Aside from calling a branch in the area, I am asking here to see if anyone has experienced this before and if there is a way to get it working that I'm not aware of.

  9. New website is a disaster. The order cannot be amended, delivery date changed or even cancelled.
    There is no message on the website advising technical problems.
    Bring back the old website!

  10. Over the past two weeks, I have lost endless delivery dates, as the checkout process will not accept my card.

    Also to day, it told me my bonus vouchers, were out of date (2012), it had accepted them yesterday!!

    I have rung tesco, filled in their email asking me what ISP I am using, what vertion of IE, etc etc.

    Then when I rang them again last night, I was told there are more important things in life, then Tesco online shopping.

    I could not agree more, but this is the business Tesco are in, and they are not fulfilling their obligations.

    Perhaps if we all took that comment at face value, and went away Tesco would not have a business (nor that person a job)!

    Fix the website, not sure why you had to alter it anyway.

    It has never worked from day one, and the prices vary from week to week.

    One week the same cat food went from 37p to 17p - come on Tesco, stop messing your customers around.

    You DO have competition - you know!


  11. It took me months to convince my mother who lives 20 miles from the nearest shop that tesco online was easy to use and much better than trailing to the shops every week. After a couple of years of her raving to her friends how easy and brilliant it is, she has the new web site today, and guess what, shes going in her car tomorrow. She cant work it out, its too slow, its confusing. Tesco, hat have you done?????

  12. I agree with most of the anonymous comments listed here - the new web-site is painfully slow to use and often has issues with completing orders and checking-out, meaning that on more than one occasion I've had to re-enter an order from scratch, which with the slow speed makes it even worse.

    It also seem to be having issues with the VBV verification not accepting the password, which is known to be correct and works on all other sites.

    This is causing us such pain that we're seriously considering moving to another grovery vendor!

  13. I used to order online every fortnight. I have high speed internet but find the new site dreadful. Very slow, messy, annoying features, continual faults. I've not ordered for a couple of months now. I wish we could choose to roll-back to the old site if we wished.

  14. I've been switched over to the new website and have had loads of problems.
    I first thought I was going mad having been 99.9% sure I'd ordered items for them to disappear.
    Then pricing issues with special offers.
    One morning I got the 'Cannot Place Order' message so tried several times with the same card then different payment cards and finally found that the order had gone through nine times! Phoned Tesco who said they'd cancel eight of them but they only cancelled seven. Two delivered, one rejected.
    Despite these orders supposedly being identical the total price was not the same for all nine - some were one total and the rest another.
    Now have had problems with an old order replacing my actual order and further pricing issues.
    All since being moved over.
    Was any user acceptance testing done or did Tesco use the first users to do the testing?
    They appear to be denying there are any issues and its all down to the customers or their browsers!

    Admit there are problems and get them sorted. You're going to lose customers. Denying it when there are blogs and forums with many others similar experiences is daft.

  15. I've not had any real issues like those described. I did find the website to be sluggish on occasion or a bit "flakey" but left it for a while and tried again when it worked. It's still heaps better than the old site with it's frames and so on.
    I think the issues must be with the number of users, as that's something they can't easily test for (having thousands of users all trying to do stuff at the same time). There were no issues when I was using it originally (over Christmas IIRC).
    Once the teething problems are sorted and everybody's migrated over to the new system it should be very good - especially with the cool API apps which are being developed by various people/companies (including me!).

  16. Thank you very much to everyone who has taken time to post these comments (and its OK you don't have to be anonymous, we don't bite!).

    The transition from old to new system is rarely without the occasional glitch and yes there have been times when the system has run slowly as we have to divide the servers between running old and new software. We've overcome much of this by adding servers to the fleet to take the load.

    There have been a few bugs to fix, too (as noted by you in February) but I think we're pretty much there. It was just a case of working on updates and fixing any glitches as they happened.

    Moving customer accounts from old to new systems has also been a challenge - the main one being an inability to amend a pending order on the new system when the order was placed on the old system (which we say in the email you get when your accounts is about to be transferred). However, customer service can help on these occasions and, in any case, we won't be migrating any more customers with pending orders (until they are delivered!).

    If you have been away from the site for a few weeks, please come back and have another go. I think you'll find the experience a lot better now.

  17. The feature I found the most useful on the old site was 'My Favourites on Special Offer' (a godsend). I can't seem to find it on the new one. If I cancel an item from My Basket, the page refresh takes me right back to the top of a new page and leads to scrolling down to try to find out where I was before. The site seems to be speeding up, but still pretty slow compared to those of main competitors, some item pictures seem to take a long time to appear.

  18. I've been using but decided to try tesco again. Oh dear still problems with the site.It's no good wanting to add to the order, change delivery day or cancel it. The only option is to ring up which is laborious.Come on tesco get your act together-it's time you sorted things out!A message on the site advising technical problems would be advisable too.

  19. "There have been a few bugs to fix, too (as noted by you in February) but I think we're pretty much there."
    Based on the order experience I've just had I wouldn't agree.
    Just had the problem with the basket being wiped and replaced with the last additions to the order. Also noticed that on screen it said I had until 17:45 to checkout and later in same session it changed to 09:44.
    The new features are great and when (if) it all eventually works ok it will be a huge improvment over the old, its just still bug ridden.

  20. As of yesterday (30 March) the new website is still unusable in my opinion.

    At first I thought it was my mobile phone browser at fault but then I tried to complete an order on Vista with IE7 and that was even worse than on my mobile, which always used to work by the way.

    Ocado here I come.

  21. I have spent hours trying to resolve my complaint, i.e. I try to order on line and find I do not have a checkout button ( know 2 other customers with the same problem). I have had numerous conversations with Customer Services and Technical people, who had me deleting files, downloading god knows what, all to no avail. Tesco told me the problem is mine. Doh! don't think so! I can order from Sainsburys and numerous other sites that I use. As a shareholder I am furious that I now have to shop on line with Tesco competitors. Come on Tesco, you must be losing customers.

  22. The whole concept is flawed Nick:- making everything 'Fisher Price' and bigger means more boring scrolling; the shopping basket should stay on screen, not vanish off the top when you scroll down to the bottom of your favourites list; keeping the right hand column during the whole of the checkout process is confusing; and response speeds are still too slow.

    And it still has bugs because I can't print out a hard copy of my shopping list in full:-

    Please can we just have the 'Bob' version back - it worked fine to start with.

  23. Tesco website has been really slow for the past week for some reason.
    If Tesco are looking for ways to improve the online shopping experience I suggest they take a look at the Asda site. With a checked-out full trolley, I can still change delivery address or add e-vouchers, I can also see how much my shopping is REALLY going to cost me without the use of a degree in mathematics and a powerful calculator.

  24. I've just spoken to my nan- it took her 65 min to finish her weekly shop on the new web site. She said it used to take only 20-25 min on the old version. The only reason she got herself Laptop and Broadband was to do the weekly shop, but now she is giving up on the idea...

  25. I have used the new website twice in two weeks. The first time it was awful and I struggled throught the shopping extremely slowly. A few days after that my computer crashed and the hard drive is having to be replaced - I don't know if there's a connection. I have tried again tonight on a different computer and am having to give up because it is taking me hours to do a simple shop using my favourites. I suppose you will say these are glitches (but should it really take Tescos so long to sort these out?) However, aspects of the design are also worse because you can't see your list of shopping beside your list of favourites so have to go up to the top of the page to change your list in the middle of shopping. I'm going to Sainsbury's tomorrow.

  26. I have tried paying for an order and will not accept my Tesco clubcard plus card. Told by operator at Tesco "major messup when paying for goods, but trying to sort it out." That doesn't help customers especially as operators will not let you pay over the phone while there are problems. Bring back old site much more user friendly. Wondered why there were so many delivery slots available, no one can pay.

  27. I emailed Tesco about the slow website access and they asked my to check my Cookies setting on Norton - here is my reply to Tesco Customer Service:

    I have checked Norton 360 and Cookies are not blocked. IE 8 is also allowing Cookies through from your website and others.

    We have three computers at home - this machine running Vista Home Premium is my Toshiba laptop which I have been using for at least two years to do my weekly shop from Tesco and have had no problems up untill now. I used my old XP Professional machine this morning to do my weekly shop - IT WAS ALSO SLOW! My husbands new Dell Studio XPS 8100 with an i7 processor and 6GB memory running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit seems to work tolerably well with your website. However, I'm not going to invest in one just to do my home shopping from Tesco!

    I do a lot of Internet shopping and I'm not having any problems anywhere else - only on Tesco.

    My friend also tells me she is having similar problems since you changed your website so I assume you are getting lots of complaints from other people.

    Pleas please sort this problem out - I don't want to have to change to another supplier since I have been using Tesco from when you started in my area and I know most of the friendly helpful delivery drivers.


  28. Oh boy. The new website is unbelievably slow and appallingly designed.

    I used to use the accessibility site, fast, quick to use. I could be done in 15 minutes.

    Now it's so slow it's impossible to use. Each click to add an item to your basket takes 20-30 seconds on a 2Mb ADSL link.

    Whoever designed this ought to take a look at:

    A big part of the problem is the hundreds of images on every page.

    My favourites page html is 467857 bytes. That's over 4K per item displayed not counting the images.

    The images are missing size tags which causes the page to move while it's drawing meaning you click on the wrong thing - another 2 minutes to undo the wrong click.

    Even in lynx it takes 8 seconds to add a single item to the basket

    Disgruntled, and now going to walk over to Asda as I haven't got the 3-4 hours to place an order online.


  29. I have just spent the best part of 2 hours creating a basket and had to check out without completing my order as I don't have any further time to waste on this appalling, badly designed and badly developed website. If you don't believe me, try putting loose bananas into the basket. As an online customer of many years and an ex-Business Analyst at Tesco Direct, it is sorry to see the design and development standards at Tesco have fallen so low. My broadband (7.2Mb link on a high end laptop with IE8) stats tell me I downloaded over 43Mb of data during the session, which spent more time with the browser hanging while trying to paginate than it did actually creating a basket. It would have been quicker to drive to the store and do the shopping myself. This is going to cost you a lot of Customers if you don't sort it out.

    Trevor Dewberry

  30. Sorry Tesco trying to stick with you but failing fast! What about some FREE delivery charges for loyal customers that ARE sticking with you???????? How much profit have you just made again?!

  31. I have just sent this email to Tesco, it's so frustrating to be told that there have been a couple of bugs and that 'we're just about there' in terms of fixing it... such a shame as I have really enjoyed, if that's the right word, grocery shopping online at Tesco up until they changed the website!

    I wrote the following...

    I have recently received an invitation from Tesco to fill in a customer satisfaction survey to give feedback on an email I sent regarding the new Tesco websites.

    At the top of the survey it suggests emailing if the issue has not been resolved. I can confirm that the issue as follows has not been fully resolved but fully appreciate the attention you are giving my enquiry...

    The issue is that I and my wife use IE 8 from two different computers and both of us are experiencing difficulties with the new sites. The main difficulty is in deleting favourites but there are others as well. I shop online for two address locations GL55 6TG and CV36 4NZ. The GL55 address/linked site has improved in speed since first emailing but is still nowhere near as fast as the old site. A deletion of favourite on this site is now only frustratingly slow at about 20 seconds whereas when the new site first appeared it used to make the operation unthinkable at around 1 minute and 15 seconds (the deletion operation on the old site was instant).

    The CV36 linked website however has only recently come on line it would seem and the deletion of favourites process is still around the 75 second mark per favourite. There are other issues too, such as clicking on 'see rest of shelf' which used to open almost instantly on the old site in a minimised new window, it now takes your shopping process to a new page, very slowly, and then you have to navigate all the way back to 'all your favourites' to continue shopping. Other slow and freezing issues are still around on the CV36 related site such as checking out (takes about a minute to load/change page/s) and some other things take an age like 'show all favourites'.

    Anyway, the upshot is that it's a really good service in the main, which we have used for years for both ourselves and our parents and we have been customers of Tesco, like many others I guess, for a long time. The problem is that the old websites were a dream to use, responding virtually instantly to commands whereas the new sites are proving very difficult - to impossible (sometimes). I use a really good C drive cleaner which removes junk, cookies and temporary files etc which I have been advised on one phone call was the problem by a Tesco operative. This is not the problem, as I'm sure you know... it seems to be a compatibility issue with IE 8 which you're working on I hear. But surely half of us customers, at least I would imagine, simply use our default browser which is Internet explorer 8, so the problem your customers are having must be very wide spread and if you have a look on the internet and type something like 'slow new Tesco website' into Google you will see for yourselves the extent of our frustration as customers.

    Once again thanks for the response to my last email which is very typical of your customer relations approach and very heartening. But it would be great if you could iron out the problems.

  32. Just incase there is any doubt about the site still being slow it has just taken my wife 3 times the normal time it would on the old site and two attempts to do my weekly shop. We could have gone to the store quicker! If this continues we will be shopping on line elsewhere. The new site looks better but does not perform. 20th May 2010

  33. Sorry Mr. Lansley, but I can no longer seem to be able to book a grocery delivery slot.

    I was running IE7 but when I tried to book a slot, the price of the slot is no longer clickable as a hyperlink.

    I called the call centre who advised to delete all cookies and temporary internet files and upgrade to IE8. I have done this but still no change - the delivery prices are still not hyperlinked.

    Please advise!
    Darryl Meades (Mr.)

  34. I too dislike the new tesco website. It's far too slow, I miss the slider bar at the side of my favourites list, I have to scroll up and down all the timme. If I want to delete an item my computer freezes (so do other computers I have tried to do this on). If I add too many items I now have to scroll up to my basket to remove, then scroll back down. I miss the mini screen when going to 'rest of shelf' - it takes you to a whole new screen. I hate it and it's way too slow. The benefits do not outweigh the losses. I have persevered until now. I complained but was told about IE8, which I already have, and that most people were happy with it. I don't believe it. There are other online grocery stores out there and I feel that I will now have to try them. What used to be a pleasant, quick experience has turned into a frustrating and irrating experience.

  35. im having problems on the tesco direct site

    nable to checkout with the message sorry your voucher (name on bank card i have paid with) cannot be accepted as this voucher has been used ...have tried three bankcards and the name i put in come up each time as a voucher ....first time i have had problems on direct

  36. Since I was moved to the new site I have not received any confirmation emails. When I raised this with Tesco they suggested adding their email address to my outlook address book. I use Linux so not very easy to do. The email account works as I can send test messages to it and also tescos reply to my complaint also came via the same email address. I think they have some email problems at their end.

  37. I have been struggling with the new website since its inception and still find it far inferior to the previous version.

    Internet Explorer 6 has got the blame for the painful speed but trying to upload ie8 returns the following error: "The procedure entry point SHRegGetValue could not be located in the dynamic link library SHWAP1.dll. I would like to hear the developer's explanation (in plain language) and moreover the fix required. We have tried this on two PCs to no avail. I note that there is a version of ie8 especially tailored to Tesco (?) which raises some questions as to the operation of the site on "standard" browsers if it's necessary to have a special version of a browser just for one site. I can't reorganise my whole IT system to suit one website when all the others I use remain satisfactory.

    I gather that the reasons for the upgrade were to introduce some functionality such as the ability to add a voucher if the user forgot to do it when checking out into the box that was there for the using at the time. No doubt this does help some customers even though the vouchers were still valid for next weeks shopping. I can see no other facilities which have been added but no doubt there are some. I hope they are of more importance than the one mentioned above.

    I can, however, list several items of functionality that have been removed which make the system far more inconvienent to use suggesting that no testing was done by non-technical shoppers, only developers and maybe system test personnel.

    Having logged on I book a delivery slot then hit my favourites and then show all and wait for the eggtimer to disappear. When all is settled I commence adding to basket waiting for the eggtimer to disappear as each item is added to the basket. As the basket fills it disappears up the screen because the old scroll bar has been removed.

    The see rest of shelf facility is very useful and used to open in a new window leaving the main shopping screen unaffected. Now it takes over the whole screen and when returning to the main shopping screen it is diaplayed back at the top so now I need to scroll the whole lot down again to find my position. How can this be an improvement?

    The same goes for searching, If I take the fatal decision to search for something mid-shop I'm back to sqaure one again having to find my way back to where I was prior to the search. (Don't forget that the eggtimer punctuates every operation).

    The worst example of this is when deleting items from the favourites list. After each deletion the system sends the screen to the top of the list you've just worked through. What can be more annoying than working through a list deleting items only to have to find your place again after every deletion?

    It used to take about half-an-hour to do a typical weeks shopping. That has now doubled, sometimes more on a bad day.

    I am totally mystified as to why this upgrade was done.

  38. The new web site is so slow I could get in the car and do the weeks shopping quicker than I can do it online. This is not a one off, it is always like it since the switch. Several weeks on and it is as slow now as when it first rolled out.

    I have a 50mb fibre optic connection, my speed test shows I am running at very near to this speed and I know it isn't anything my end.

    Tesco please go back to the old BOB as Martini isn't working whoever was behind these changes wants sacking!!

  39. Reading the above I'm glad to know it's not my computer that's knackered and that the new website is mind bogglingly slow for other people too (and yes Tesco I am persisting!) And if you try to delete something from your favourites you might as well go and make a cup of tea while it deletes then returns to where you were....

  40. Tried using the new website today-sooo frustrating, is this supposed to be an improvement. Gave up and will have to go elsewhere

  41. zzzzzzzzzzz. I have a stupidly fast PC with a great broadband speed and it takes far too long too select a food type, once its up I can add to my basket instantly but it takes at least a few minutes to get to that stage. As someone mentioned earlier in this blog, would be quicker to get to the shop and buy the food.

  42. Pile of pants - Looks nice but doesn't work properly. User experience just awful. Left my PC running so slow after I had finished. Tescos really need to test things properly before putting out there with customers. It's a joke.

  43. I have just been migrated onto new platform.I have shopped, mainly from "favourites" for years but had to give up after a very frustrating hour.Can usually do a family shop in 15mins tops. I can't make head nor tail of it! All the quantity boxes are prefilled with "1" and if I try to remove an item I don't want I get an error message! Aaargh!!

  44. I shop online with Tesco every week & have done for nearly 10 years. What I find very difficult with the new web site is having no sub-categorisation for Fresh Food within my shopping basket. You sell a heck of a lot of fresh food so please can we have the same level of sub-categories in the basket as we have in favourites.
    Thank You

  45. Ever since I was "changed" to the new look website, it has taken me three times longer to shop. I seem to be constantly sitting with the egg timer icon instead of flying through the shopping like I used to. We have a great broadband here and I experience no other difficulties with any other shopping sites. PLEASE try to fix it - it is obviously nationwide and it is doing my head in. I would be quicker jumping in the car and driving the 18 miles there and back instead of sitting on my bum with my brain numb at the computer screen!!!

  46. I agree, my shop took 15 minutes now with the improved favorites functionality it takes an hour. I moved over to Saisburys today.

  47. I have been migrated!!! How do I get moved back? The new site is terrible. Basket scrolls off the top of the screen making it difficult to correct errors, its slow, images only load as you scroll, most pages (e.g. checkout) involve scrolling, whole feel is cluttered. Takes twice as long to shop as on the old site.

    Bob R.

  48. Oh dear this new site is terrible. We order 90%of our items via our favourites. Each time we select an item to order it takes us back to the start of the list where we have to scroll through to find where the point in the list we had reached. Sent 2 emails to Tesco had replies to both and the caller is very open in saying they have had loads of complaints. So come on Tesco admit you got it wrong and sort it.

  49. Why was my comment from yesterday not shown? it was not offensive, it just stated that tesco staff who have responded to my emails say they are inundated with complaints about the new website.

  50. Oh how I hate this new site. It's so slow, it's unbelievable. Tesco support suggested I had too many favourites in my list (468) but that's the point - I like to choose from a wide list of stuff I may not have every week. It takes an AGE to delete anything from favourites anyway [CONTENT LOADING - oh please.....the classic message from nineties websites that were crushingly slow] - I timed it at 1min 35 secs today to delete one item. Tesco always prided itself on putting itself on the customer's side - you felt they were on your side of the counter - but in this one they refuse to acknowledge that this new site is a big step back. No one in Tesco is too big to acknowledge a mistake - Terry L must be coasting to retirement I suspect as this would never have got through if he had his eye on the ball. Oh dear. Should switch to another store AND sell your shares, if this is anything to go by.

    Francis B

  51. I have been trying to persevere with the new website , but sadly it still frustates me.There is only one scrolling bar, which means you can't see things in the basket while shopping, and making a mistake seems to take an age to put right. Iam running windows 7 and internet explorer 8 so would expect better results without everything hanging. I had a very nice email from the online support team when i complained, but even their advice hasn't worked. Come on Tesco you must be losing customers by the thousands.I have switched to Asda online,(THEIR SITE IS VERY USER FRIENDLY) although I will keep trying Tesco every so often, but taking 2.5 hours to do a shop is not acceptable and I may just as well have gone in person to the store.Bring back the old system!

  52. Ive used Tesco online for years now, but Im seriously thinking of going elsewhere.
    my shop takes hours rather than minutes and is very frustrating, especially if you click on view rest of shelf, try getting back to where you were, constantly say scripts are running on this page...I have the fastest broadband we have available and its still driving me crazy!!! please do something about it, Thanks

  53. Shopping online for my disabled mother with Tescos used to be a pleasure. Now, I hate the new website, it is so confusing.
    It is impossible to save "substitutions" or "notes to picker" when viewing "my full basket". Everything you type in just disappears.
    I have latest browsers and deleted all cookies, as suggested, but still no joy.
    I don't want to change to another store as Tesco's service has been brilliant so far.

  54. I do the shopping online with my mother, as she finds it easier for health reasons than going to the local supermarket. She will read me out what she wants and I will add it to the basket. Since the new interface the shopping is sometimes taking twice as long as it used to, and I end up angry and with a headache by the end of it. There is far too much information to take in at once, it's completely overwhelming, and the categories are not even 100% accurate. I found ginster pies amongst the sandwich fillers, and for some reason you seemed to have stopped stocking Persil washing liquid.

    I also used to find the favourites section really helpful and did most of my shopping using those links, making it quick and efficient but now even that is a mission to use.

    I am seriously considering taking my shopping elsewhere. We have been loyal and happy customers for years but this new website is a disaster through and through, and I am quickly losing patience.

  55. In my opinion there should at the very least be an option to switch to the previous interface. Keep all your customers happy, and people can chose which they prefer. Or if not then send out a survey, because it (evidently) has not been well received.

  56. Hey Nick

    How about a response to these newer comments. The comms seems all one way and with a common theme.

    Is Tesco going to take any action.

  57. I had dreadful problems early spring with the new site - things did improve a lot by June, but the past few weeks it all seems to be going downhill again. The site has been terribly SLOW again. It has, yet again, become a lengthy chore to do an online shop. I have high speed internet, a decent system and no problems with anything other than Tesco online. I'm still wishing we had the option to roll-back to old-style page views and layouts - it was clear, easy to use and speedy.

  58. just spent 45 mins trying to look at exercise bikes - extremely slow gave up now shopping elsewhere

  59. I find shopping online with Tesco really frustrating these days as it's so slow. I love to shop online for clothes as well as groceries and Tesco do have some good bargains. I'm finding that it takes just too long to bother now

  60. Come on Nick Lansely

    What do you have to say about the new comments since you last wrote on this blog in March. We've moved to Sainsburys Online as a direct result of your slow site.

  61. I have been shopping with tesco online for some years now and until they changed the website found them pretty good and the delivery excellent. However, as previous posts have noted the website now is virtually useless as it takes so long to do your order that you might as well go to the store and shop yourself - it would be quicker!! - Having suffered their frustrating new website for long enough I have decided to vote with my feet and have switched my shopping to Sainsbury online. My family did spend a lot of money with tesco and I would urge them to sort their website out unless they want more of their customers to do what I have done.

  62. I was going to write a comment about the frustrations the new TESCO site is causing for my weekly shopping but maybe this isn't the correct blog to write it on. There appears to be NO replies to any of the criticisms. I guess TESCO have stopped monitoring this blog, or, maybe, their site is running so slow they can only update on a six monthly basis.

  63. i try to do my shop on the website but find that the images will not come up as i scroll down the page - however if i scroll down and then refresh the page they come - anyone any ideas ?

  64. Can I add my frustration to all the others above. The site does not work! I have to "force quit" on my Mac because items/pages won't load. Please, Tesco, reply

  65. ARRRGH ! Having just *attempted* another online order ... I agree with everyone else's comments. For over a year I have been complaining to Tesco... but does anyone care ??? It's always the user's fault ....the new website is diabolical !!
    How am I supposed to "write a note" when the facility doesn't exist ??? Two computers, both with two browsers ... and the same endless problems. I must seriously consider Waitrose now... I have absolutely had enough of this !!!

  66. Interesting that most of these posts date from last year when Tesco 'updated' their web site. Having been a regular user for the past 6 years, I was astounded that Tesco just didn't appreciate the volume of comment that should have propelled them into immediate action to sort their problem out. So impossible did the web site become to use that I decamped to Sainsburys where I was very happy to find that I got free delivery if I used Tues,Weds or Thurs. and, and check this out because I'm still talking last year, the prices where much the same. The site is easy to navigate though choice is smaller. What has prompted me to add to this blog is that, as dear old Tesco had sent me a £10 voucher as a lure me back gesture, I logged on yesterday and whooooo, just the same problems! Astounding. When I had to ring, to get them to cancel the order because the web site wouldn't let me do it, the chap said, oh yes we've had a problem for the last 3 or 4 days. Thats Ok then............obviously, have booked Sainsbury for next week.

  67. Agree with others - for me, the Tesco website is getting slower and slower, and I'm going to have to start using another online competitor. I have no probs with any other shopping site. I'm amazed Tesco can't sort this.

  68. I work in IT so I know what's possible and what's not. My wife has repeatedly complained that when she adds items to the basket they end up missing from the order. And as the orders are so big, it's impractical to check every line on the final confirmation page. My *suggestion* is that there needs to be a 2-step verification to ensure that what goes into the basket has truly arrived. I can't believe that's what happening just now. My wife is not that much of an idiot that this could have happened so many times. And today the "customer service" people said airily "oh, it must be your fault". So, it's goodbye Tesco and hello .

  69. i have used this site with no problem at all until now when i do my shop i get to the checkout to see it read "failed to create order" very very annoying may have to go to as i know this problem wont be addressed anytime soon

  70. Feeling peeved: its 01:46 AM on 04/12/2012
    'Order Cannot be Placed' Yay to no customer service any-ways at this time of night... will just have to ring customer services and get them to execute my order for me and hope they don't fluff it up. Excuse my fluff...


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