Monday, 18 January 2010

Nexus One arrives...

I just wanted to give you proof that we're not just doing iPhone mobile stuff.

The Google Nexus One has arrived on my desk and it is about to get a programming it'll never forget! SDK being downloaded right now: Tesco Finder for Android, here we come...


  1. Yes! Thank you Nick, this is very encouraging news!

  2. Hi Nick, Im a Tesco employee @ Cardiff CSC.
    I dont have a IPhone But, I have the IPod Touch, I am finding more and more Apps skipping the Touch as you need the IPhone 3.1.2 software, Is there anyway this can be switched on for IPod Touch users also?

    I cant wait for it on Blackberry, Hope it will work on the storm as a few app's are hard to use on the storm.

    Many Thanks

    Ian - MD57

  3. The ap industry is a difficult one...
    My company has done the PR for a variety of mobile games, and aps. its is a little tricky to get people using them regularly.

    We have found that when it comes to generating the PR around an ap you really need to understand the motivation behind why someone down loads it and more importantly recommends it to other people.

    I would be more than happy to talk to you about it.

  4. So when will Tesconet offer the Nexus One?


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