Monday, 22 February 2010

Tesco iPhone Apps - Latest Download Counts & News

I thought you might like to know the latest download counts for the three iPhone apps that we have released into the iTunes App Store.

Tesco Store/Product Finder
(released October 2009):
Total downloads: 78,940
Average daily downloads in the past week: 701 per day.
Continues to rank at #1 most downloaded app in 'Navigation' section of UK iTunes App Store.

Tesco Wine Finder
(released 16 December 2009):
Total downloads: 22,786
Average daily downloads in the past week: 152 per day.

(Brace yourself)

Tesco Clubcard
(released 8 February 2010):
Total downloads: 191,971 (nearly one hundred and ninety-two thousand).
Average daily downloads in the past week: 14,254 (fourteen thousand) per day.
Peaked at 8th most downloaded app last week in WHOLE of UK iTunes Store (current ranking is 16th).

Tesco Clubcard Director, Janet Smith, is happy to say the least! When I emailed her with the good news and asked her for permission to publish the download counts, not only did she agree but she also wanted to place in the public domain the fact that there will soon be version of the Clubcard app for Nokia and Blackberry phones too.

So congratulations to the Clubcard team and to the developer Ben Martin for re-defining 'what good looks like' in terms of download counts!

There's another app coming from within a very few weeks.
It will enable a complete end-to-end grocery home shopping experience.
It's running on my iPhone right now.... and soon I'll see it running on a Nokia N97...


  1. and why don´t you say that the app doesn´t work?? have you see the comments about this app in itunes???
    please give us a solution and teach your staff about how to enter the clubcard manually when the app doesn´t work, because is the 3rd time that I can not get points because this app


  2. Fantastic, and glad to hear it! well done again Tesco. I'm just desperate to be able to use it with a Staff Privelagecard, any news when this will hit?


  3. Hi Christian,

    The app is working fine - what about it is not working? Just checked the iTunes App Store and people are saying they love it.

    When you downloaded the app, did you see the message that says that at the moment it won't work at Petrol Filling Stations and Self-serve checkouts because they have laser rather than imaging barcode scanners?

    If not, I'll make that message more prominent.


  4. Thanks Nick, please writte this message in capitals.

    But it doesn´t work in Tesco Express too???

    Please don´t read just the possitive comments.

    You have 581 5stars rates and 551 with 1star.

    So please read the negative coments it is the best way to learn. It is always good to hear people that everything is great, but a little bit of criticism is good to improve things.

    Thanks Nick for your answer

  5. Any plans for Android app? It's one of the fastest growing platforms out there at the minute and would be a perfect match for these sorts of applications.

  6. I echo Jake's comments... any news on an Android app? Next up-and-coming market for phone apps, so it's definitely a good idea to get involved early.

  7. Look forward to the BlackBerry App.

  8. Hi,

    I've been waiting for your "complete end-to-end grocery home shopping app" ever since I got my shopping list app. Currently I wander around the kitchen clicking boxes on my iPhone and then move to my PC using the iPhone shopping list to choose from my favourites on-line.

    An all in one app is my shopping dream. When will this become reality?


  9. Any news on the shopping app? You say in this article that it is a "very few weeks" away... And that was in February!!!

  10. Nick, can you place a Tesco DVD rental app on your to- do list I notice 'love film' have posted an app. And strangely enough all the DVD's I rent from tesco's are labeled 'love film'. I find the main website hard going at times and an app would be just the business.

  11. absolutely agree with ade

  12. This method worked flawless on both 3G phones running 3.12 and ATT carrier 5.6.HOWEVER I need help getting two 3GS devices working. The above method does not work, the tether option disappears after being activated. I am using the correct 3GS file and changing the command line above to reflect the difference in the file names.

  13. Hi I have downloaded and used this app on a Blackberry 8900 and the barcode although slow to load was readable at the checkout barcode scanners, but since downloading and trying to use the application on an iPhone 4 I have not been able to use the barcode at either manned tills, fuel station or self service, I think the glass screen may reflect too much light distorting the barcode?


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