Thursday, 16 September 2010

Are you not getting products or delivery slots when using the Tesco Groceries app?

Whilst most customers are having no issues with the Tesco Groceries app, we can see from a few iTunes feedback reviews that a few are not getting all their products or delivery slots.

Unfortunately there is no way of getting hold of the the authors of those reviews (or even responding to them) to find out what's up - and we just can't recreate the issue here at all which is hugely frustrating if customers are having problems.

Nobody has contacted our customer service centre at all over this matter since last Wednesday's launch (and we're still in the top 5 for UK download counts according to iTunes) so we think it's affecting a very small number of people - we just need to find someone experiencing it so we can uncover what it is. It might just be a bad internet connection they experienced at the the time just before they wrote their review or something similar - but it's in the feedback comments and we just need to know.

If you are having trouble getting delivery slots or products to appear, the Tesco iPhone Dev Team would like to hear from you. Please could you contact our support line on 0845 6756999 or email with the subject "iPhone app problem" and the message will be passed to us.

We'll need your contact email address so we can get in touch with you, if that's OK.


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