Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tesco Groceries app for iPhone / iPod Touch - Walkthrough

Let's take a walkthrough of the Tesco Groceries app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (the latter running in "iPhone mode").

Here is the opening screen (when you first use the app, you will be asked to tap in your Tesco.com grocery login email and password). You can choose a delivery slot, and see when the next order is due (which you can amend if you wish):

The Shopping List is your own memo pad, allowing you to type any product name in free-form text, perfect for remembering items quickly as you think of them. You could easily use the app in any shop as an electronic version of a written list, or tap the text to perform a live product search at Tesco so we can entice you with great prices and special offers:
Tapping the square next to the item makes a "tick" appear, just as you would tick a paper list as you choose products:

If you're like me, then the first place to go when putting together an order is to use the Favourites list. When you registered your account and used a Clubcard, your Favourites list stores all the items you have previously purchased online and in-store. 

You can also filter your favourites to view just those on special offer.

In the example below, notice that one of the products has a green background - this means that product is already in your basket. All searches showing products in your basket will be highlighted this way so you can change the quantity or even remove them if you wish.

Here is the 'shop' screen. Either type in some text to find the product you are looking for, or follow the department - aisle - shelf hierarchy to browse for products:

Here is an example text search for chips. Again we highlight products on special offer:

Finally here is the basket. From here you tap the checkout button which will cause the app to start the iPhone's Safari browser which will connect into a checkout special page designed for iPhone on the Tesco.com grocery web site. If you are called Paolo then your delicious chips and beer diet will soon be on its way. For everyone else, at least you'll get the entire grocery range to choose from - on average that's more than 20,000 products. Healthier products are available...!

So there you are - our new little app for iPhone giving you personal, pocketable access to our complete grocery home shopping service. It's taken a year of planning, design, coding and testing by a fantastic team across Tesco.com and our mobile design and development partner Ribot.

Now it's yours. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Nick, do you have a link to the app? Can't seem to find it on the UK App store...

  2. We're just doing some final checks before immediate release (it's already approved by Apple and sat up there on the App Store waiting for us to push the 'live' button).

    Mind you, when we do that it may take a couple of hours for the iTunes index to update but it will be there very soon. I'll post a direct link as soon as I spot it myself.

  3. Looks great - looking forward to 6am tomorrow! Any thoughts about adding a barcode scanner?

  4. The app looks great, and is perfect for making changes to an existing basket.

    Beginners question though: How do you delete something from the shopping list?

    I'm sure I must be missing something obvious.

  5. Hi anonymous,

    You can swipe to delete items in your shopping list.

    Just flick your finger from left to right over the shopping list item you want to remove and tap 'delete'. Job done!

    Also, another secret tip: Press and hold on the green 'items added' button in the shop to remove all quantities of an item.

    Happy shopping!


  6. Hi,

    Have to agree with the anonymous poster above - the addition of a barcode scanner would be fantastic - you'd be able to run round your kitchen scanning your empties rather than search/scroll through shelves or favourites.

    Would make a great app even better!

  7. Hi Nick

    The app works very well - thank you.

    A couple of questions:

    1) why no iPad version?
    2) shopping baskets sync but the shopping list doesn't. Since this app will be used in a family environment (at least in my family), the ability to share a list would be superb


  8. Great app. Couple of issues. Perhaps I've just missed something.
    No multisearch?
    Red bar at top when ammending an order gets in the way when in shop/search section.
    Could do with a cancel option when the app is searching. I misspelt potatoes, hit search and had to wait a while knowing results would not be returned.

  9. Not sure where to go to get help with this issue. We got to the Checkout and somehow managed to get to a Verified by Visa "Three Digit Security Number" help page which has a link 'Return to activation screen'. Pressing this produces a popup with the heading 'Javascript' and two button options - Open and Cancel. But pressing either has zero effect and every time we go back to the Basket or Shop and navigate back to the Checkout it goes to the same help page so we seem to be stuck with no way out. Any ideas?

  10. I can log on using my email address and password but when it asks fir it again at the checkout screen it says they are wrong even thought I've just used them to log in. Can you help?

  11. How do I cancel an order ??? removed all the items from basket and it gets stuck and won't checkout. No other button to cancel it , had to login on my pc account to cancel it.

  12. This is most frustrating - I have installed the app on my iPod Touch (which is completely up to date etc) but it won't accept my login details. I know they are correct as I can sign in using them on the main Tesco site - it just says Oops! We couldn't sign you in etc - is this the app or Tescos site?

  13. Is there anyway to save a template shopping list with all the things that are essential for every week instead of having to add them from your favs ?

  14. Currently I cannot add to an existing order on either my iPad 2 or iPhone 5. I ask to amend my existing order and do a search for the product I want to add. I click Add and absolutely nothing happens - it doesn't pulse to show it's adding the product (as it used to) and it certainly isn't in the basket if I look at the order on my Mac. I have checked for updates and there doesn't appear to be any - I am also on the latest version of the OS. I have tried deleting the app and reloading but this doesn't make any difference.
    It's so annoying as I used to use the app all the time to add to my orders - Help!


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