Thursday, 9 September 2010

Visit the "Tesco Mobile Apps Portal" web site

We've just launched our mobile applications portal web site.

The site has essential information about all our applications and it will grow to become your complete guide to our mobile apps, with all kinds of support facilities too.


  1. Now that Android has a bigger market share than the iPhone with the fastest growing market share (, where are the android apps?

  2. Android Android Android!!!

    I appreciate that iphone is cool. So were leg warmers again a few years ago. Doesn't make it right! I also know that android is not perfect. But it is open source and where the the action will be.

    So come one guys, get it on android. You know that in 1 year, most tesco customers will have a cheap android powered phone in their pockets. Like you said, you are falling for your nexus again. Imagine the fun I am having on my desire, with custom ROMS and Google App Inventor!

    So carry on the great work. As the geek incharge of shopping, I can't wait to impress all the mum's at playgroup as I do my shopping on my phone CHEAPLY. Never met a mum at playgrounds or playgroups with iphone. Loads with cheap android phones.


  3. OK - to repeat previous posts - why no Andriod app still? I was suprised in latest club card literature to see iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia listed but not the biggest and fastest growing market.

    I noted on a previous blog post (only actually found this blog by searching for "Tesco Andriod") that Nick thought there were some non tesco developed apps but no club card I can see.

    Happy to pilot if needed!

    PS. Good blog BTW!

  4. Android Android Android! Yes we get the message, good people, we're working on it we're working on it! :)

  5. Hi NH - the RSS feed is on the yellow link to the right -

  6. Be fair Nick, people have been asking for Android apps since October last year (see and probably earlier than that, so it really isn't clear that you have got the message :)

  7. Garth - I think he has got the message now :-)
    Nick - Thanks for pointing out RSS feed link!

  8. OK, so are you at the stage where you need beta testers? My HTC Desire has some free space pencilled in for your Android app!

  9. hi please help me just brought a new i phone 4 from tesco's and im on a low tarriff 250 min , 1gb internet and unlimited texts as im such a low tarriff and dont want to incur large bills is there any apps that can keep an eye on my phone usage i.e how many texts ive sent and download usage etc please help me .. im very new to smart phones and i love my phone

  10. Android! A tesco mobile app which displays usage and remaining allowances is really needed and is pretty standard amongst all other networks!

    1. I second that - an app to check your tarrifs remaining minutes, text and data or pay as you go balance would be really useful.

  11. So is there an app or not? Currently searching for the same as others on this found blog are asking for but no idea if there is a resolution e.g. working app for checking usage as previous providers had.

  12. Ask tesco to cap your calls, when you run out of minutes you can still top up if you want too.

  13. Wow, 2011, things were so primitive back then!


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