Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Thanks to you my 10K run raised £596.92

Justgiving have just emailed me to say that they have now closed the page of donations made for my reecnt 10K run in London.

Techfortesco readers donated nearly half the money raised so thank you very much for your generosity alongside viewers of London Landscape TV who raised the other half (thank you all!).

I just wanted to let you know, with your help I was able to raise £525.00 for my recent London 10K run on behalf of Albert Kennedy Trust, with an extra £71.92 in Gift Aid giving a total of £596.92

All the money you paid has now been sent to Albert Kennedy Trust so that they can continue to help with lesbian and gay youngsters rejected by their families because of their sexual orientation. Given the recent spate of suicides by gay teenagers in recent weeks, their work is needed more than ever.

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