Thursday, 27 January 2011

QR codes go into Tesco branches from Friday

From this Friday we’ll be using QR Codes in store to link customers to the mobile version of Tesco Direct to ore-order the new Nintendo 3DS console.

Mike Fethers, Assistant Buyer for Tesco Gaming (what a great role!) sent me a digital copy of the poster and QR code we'll be showing in-store. Mike believes that this is the first time the mobile site and QR codes have been implemented at a store level.

So if you're in a large Tesco branch on Friday, wander over to the console games section and look out for the Nintendo DS Top 40 Chart poster featuring the QR code (click poster for larger version):

Here's the code if you want to try with your smart phone and a barcode app now:


  1. Hi Nick,
    And still no android app!!!!!
    I may sound like a broken record but what about Android community?
    In my store it's 4 iphones vs 11 Android handsets!! And it's only a little metro!
    How long do we have to wait?
    Mario/Oxford Magdalen

  2. Now this, along with an app for Droid, is right up there on my things that would be cool list. Glad to see Tesco pushing the tech.

  3. Hello,

    we believe that QR codes will make the connection between offline and online worlds easier. That's why we created our QR code generator with social features - You can add all your info like Facebook profile or fan page, twitter, youtube, etc. and connect with others.


  4. Hi Nick, are there plans of introducing QR codes in-store for other products, both in consumer electronics and outside? Also, are there plans of integrating the different apps that exist (eg. iOS apps) into a single powerful application?

    Varun, Canterbury

  5. Hi Mario, (I used to shop weekly in your store!). I'm sure there's an Android App in the works, Nick will be able to tell you more.

    We're looking at doing more QR codes in stores to help customers get more information and if something falls out of stock we'll offer the option to buy online instead.

    If this is something you think you can help with drop me an email (




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